Another One Bites the Dust: EGM is No More

Print is dead. Just a few short hours ago, an announcement on's homepage states that parts of the group have been purchased by UGO. Those parts include,,, and Conveniently missing from the press release was any mention of EGM, Ziff Davis' magazine. It seems that January's issue will be the last issue of EGM ever. In addition to getting rid of the magazine, there have also been fairly substantial staff layoffs. But look at the bright side, UGO has a section of Best Video Game Sex Scenes! That's some great journalism.

It's a shame, really, that this had to happen. With the diminishing returns from magazines and an economy decending down the crapper, it's not a surprise that costs must be cut for a company to stay afloat. Many good people poured their heart and soul into EGM, and many many more read it every month. But apparently that wasn't enough. It seems like these days you'll need the backing of a retailer (Game Informer) or some expensive monthly extra (Official Xbox Magazine) to stay afloat in print.

With the layoffs that have taken place, it's a wonder why UGO purchased the site. Maybe the name alone carries some strength, but what really makes a website great is the people, both the writers and the readers. It's going to be an interesting few weeks in the world of video game press. But hey, you've always got us for all your gaming news.