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The golden age of gaming brought us some spectacular titles way back in the day; games and genres that you just don't see a lot of in this day and age really hurts the creative expansion of the gaming industry. Thankfully, we can rekindle the fires of creativity by playing remastered editions of old games that made us go “What kind of pot were they smoking when they made this masterpiece?”

With all that said, the age old classic from PC and 3DO has been brought back, remastered and digitally enhanced for today's generation of gamers. I'm talking about the cinematic side-scroller, Another World, also known as Out of this World. It's currently available on Steam at this very moment.

The game featured a scientist messing around with parallel universe string teleportation. The experiment works and the chap gets transported to another world (hence the title) where everything is seemingly trying to kill him.

The story basically revolves around the chap befriending a rebel fighting against the oppressors of the land. There are some really, really amazing set pieces and action sequences that define the high points of the game's story, and it's a real treat for gamers to be able to experience this masterpiece thanks to Focus Home Interactive, DotEmu and the original game's designer, Eric Chahi.

You can grab the 20th Anniversary Edition (and it's hard to believe it's been 20 years since the game's release) right now from Steam for only $9.99. The update includes achievements, full controller support, Big Picture Mode compatibility, developer diaries and design notes, as well as digitally remastered presentation for today's high-end computers.

You can learn more over on Steam.