After selling like hot cakes over on iOS devices, it was only a matter of time before the hit strategy game, Ant Raid, made the jump to Android Devices. As it just so happens, that time is now.

Ant Raid takes place in a lovely little garden where a terrible tragedy has occurred. A mysterious gas has turned all insects that aren't ants into mindless monsters. Now your job is to help the ants defend their homes from the invading baddies, using tap and swipe commands to direct soldier ants, activate power-ups and swat those unwelcome guests.

It's a simple formula, but an addictive one, and it's wrapped in a nice, shiny package featuring an up-beat soundtrack and great graphics. After receiving loads of praise on iDevices, HeroCraft and Prank decided it was time to spread the love.

“With the original game attracting a Metascore of 90, there simply isn't a better arcade-strategy game on mobile,” boasted HeroCraft Sales and Marketing Director Alexey Sazonov. “We are happy to deliver it now on Android.”

Coming packed with a story mode and an endless survival mode, Ant Raid makes the jump to Android at a special launch sale price of $0.99. To add it to your mobile gaming library, head on over to Google Play. Your only other alternative is to start collecting insects of your own and then have them duke it out in the miniature Colosseum you built out of cardboard and toothpicks. Just saying.

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