Game Power 7 has announced that the new expansion for Arabic Rappelz, called Resurrection, has gone live and offers up a bevy helping of new content. If expanded PvP arenas and battling new bad guys are your idea of fun then you’ll probably find it easy to sink your fingers into the new expansion.

According to the press release…
The new creatures – reminiscent of ancient times – will bring a breath of fresh air to the lands of Arabic Rappelz. The White Unicorn, with its endless healing power and fidelity to its master, the Dark Soul with its lava-like flames to scare its enemies, and the Mystic Genie with the power of commanding winds will welcome high level players to the adventure.

In addition to the baddies, the new PvP arena sports up to 64 players battling all at the same time. That has got to be one hectic looking arena when it’s filled to the rim with angry, bloodthirsty players.

You can learn more about Arabic Rappelz, the first MMO designed for Middle-Eastern and North African territories, as well as get a bit of insight into Game Power 7 and their philanthropic ways by visiting the Official Website.

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