After pulling in more than two million downloads in just two weeks of being available on Android devices, Spacetime Studios’ latest co-op RPG, Arcane Legends, has finally launched for iOS. Now players can create their own warrior, enlist the help of a pet and carry out dozens of missions set across the fantasy world of Arlor on iPad and iPhone, complete with Retina display optimization.

In the past, Spacetime has released similar titles in the fantasy-based Pocket Legends, the Sci-Fi Star Legends, and the horror themed Dark Legends. Arcane Legends is the studios most ambitious title yet, featuring loads of content and enhanced gameplay in a free-to-play RPG package.

“We are extremely excited to deliver another evolution in mobile multiplayer gaming,” Said Spacetime CEO Gary Gattis. “Arcane Legends incorporates the most popular elements from each of our games and introduces new features such as blistering combat, fully interactive pets and 3D cutscenes.”

The biggest step forward for Arcane Legends is the Companion system. Along with taking missions from various NPCs, players can complete quests for up to 36 mystical creatures, who might be willing to join you on your adventure following completion. Pets level up along with the player and have their own set of skills and buffs. Choosing which pet to bring into battle can mean the difference between victory and defeat. And you’ll need all of the help you can get if you hope to save the world of Arlor from the invading goblins, trolls and necromancers.

For more information on Arcane Legends, visit the game’s official website. To download it for iOS, just head on over to iTunes. While in-game currency can be purchased for additional buffs and items, Arcane Legends’ core experience can be downloaded free of charge.

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