In an effort to get upcoming arena battle MMO title ArcheBlade ready for an official launch, Codebrush Games is gearing up to launch the second closed beta testing period in late January, and you can sign up now for your chance to get in on all of the action nice and early.

ArchBlade, based on the popular Korean fantasy novel by the same name, invites players to jump into its third-person world where players can fight alongside one another, or against each other, in an all-out battle for supremacy. According to the developers, a handful of new features have been thrown into this second testing phase.

“In the second closed beta test, we added new features such as a new character, a rage skill, and a free-for-all map,” said CodeBrush CEO Jin. “And we tried to manage the issues from the first closed beta test like some technical problems and character balancing. Hopefully everyone who participates in the test will enjoy playing.”

A multiplayer fighting game wrapped in an MMO atmosphere, ArcheBlade will offer 13 characters in this second closed beta test, each with their own weapons and abilities. The combat is focused on stringing together combos in modes like team deathmatch, capture the pylon and free-for-all. Even better, it’s a free-to-play affair run through Steam, with all of the expected Steam trimmings like message boards, Achievements, etc..

The second closed beta test runs from Jan. 24-30 with servers available from 10a.m. to 1 a.m. PST the following day. To sign up, simply head over to the game’s official beta website and register. In a couple of weeks, you should start checking your inbox for a beta code.

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