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Webzen's new-gen first-person shooter, Arctic Combat, is getting ready to unleash some righteous tactical gameplay on gamers this December. In fact, you'll only have to wait until December 4th before you can grab some game time with the new shooter. If you want to get in before anyone else, you'll also probably want to grab a beta key to gain early access to character creation and game access.

You'll have over the next two days to redeem the codes and get in some early access to the game. Once you have a beta key simply visit the promo page, insert the key and register an account. Bam, you're done.

Arctic Combat is a game designed on the Unreal Engine. It sports the latest in graphics technology and gameplay enhancements that many gamers have come to love and appreciate in their shooters, including brand new PvE elements so players will be able to face-off against each other in some standard deathmatch as well as mission-oriented segments against AI controlled opponents. A fleshed out skill system also makes an appearance, so you can build and sculpt the character you want to play, the way you want to play them.

You can grab the first set of promo codes (on a first come, first serve basis) from below. We'll be tossing out more codes throughout the day and over the weekend via ourFacebook Page.


Copy and paste that bad mofo code from this page and into the promo code registration section over at the Arctic Combat Website and you're good to go. You'll gain early access to the game's content and character creation before anyone else, once the beta tests get underway on December 4th. Have fun!