Webzen sent out a new promo trailer for the upcoming four-player cooperative mode for Arctic Combat. The new trailer is short, sweet, brief and compact in its presentation and message, doing only the basics to get gamers warmed up for the new mode that sees them taking on inter-dimensional monsters.

The new trailer comes courtesy of Realgamernewz.com, who managed to post up the media from Webzen for the big new update for Arctic Combat.

For those that don't know, the game is another in the long line of free-to-play shooters that has come out over the years to cash in on the Call of Duty-style FPS multiplayer craze. A couple of the F2P games have managed to stand out above the rest, such as Alliance of Valiant Arms or Combat Arms, adding in new modes and competitive or cooperative features to keep gamers entertained for hours on end.

You can look for the update featuring the new co-op to land beginning April 18th next week. Arctic Combat is a free-to-play shooter so there's no barrier to entry for this one.

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