Webzen has announced that they have new content available for their first-person, free-to-play shooter, Arctic Combat. The update includes a new map, a brand new weapon, a new skill and brand new weapon customization options. The good news is that the update has gone live today in celebration of the new year, so there's no wait time on getting into the new content.

The game itself is a typical Call of Duty style FPS, where fast-as-a-rabbit reflexes are required and break-neck speed deathmatch is what's on order. If you're into the whole small arena with lots of fast kills that rack up quick, you'll definitely take a liking to Arctic Combat.

Some of the new content for the game includes the new “Repair Yard” map, and offers standard team deathmatch and search & destroy modes, along with a brand new mode called demolition. In demolition, both teams will try to capture a bomb and plant it in the other team's base. It's just like the demolition modes in about a hundred other FPS titles.

Regarding the new weapons and skills...as printed in the press release...
In addition to the new mode and map, the “Quick Reload” skill is a new passive skill, allowing players to reload their magazine at a quicker rate. Added to the roster of weapons, the formidable ACR assault rifle and Kriss SV sub-machine gun are available with this update, as well as weapon customizations of Multicam weapon paint, a pattern adept at camouflaging the weapon in varied environments, and the Micro T1 scope, giving a clear sight for more accurate shooting.

If Arctic Combat is your kind of FPS and you haven't grown tired of games like A.V.A, Combat Arms, Mercenary Wars, Sudden Attack, Operation 7 or AFO, then you'll probably like Webzen's latest title. You can learn more by visiting the Official Website.

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