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Bohemia Interactive announced today that you'll be able to get early access to Arma 3 by pre-ordering the game right now. The pre-order not only gets you early access to the game, but it also grants you three additional alpha keys so that you and your mates can get in on the action and play-test the game during the early phases of development.

Arma 3 is one of those hyper-realistic military combat simulators where you walk from one building to the next and tip over and die from some dude 300km away hiding in a brush with a sniper rifle. The game really isn't for everyone but it gets it done.

Bohemia has made a number of advancements to the technology under the hood, improving the game's lighting mechanics, animation systems, water dynamics, weapon physics and vehicular operations. In other words, everything in Arma 3 has received a technical upgrade one way or another.

Given the huge popularity of Arma 2 from the DayZ mod and other mods, a lot of gamers are now highly anticipating Arma 3, which seeks to improve on everything that its predecessor did and then some.

You can grab a digital copy or a deluxe copy of Arma 3 right now from the Steam page. Oh yeah, and the pre-order also includes the mod tools, so you'll be able to get to work on mods about as soon as you can, and help make Bohemia's Arma series even more popular.