A new video has surfaced for KUNOS Simulazioni's upcoming racing title, Assetto Corsa. The new video is an off-screen shoot of a Formula One racer in action, taking tight turns and sliding off the track like a pro-noob having a hard time taking control of one of the most power racing machines on the planet.

The new video comes courtesy of Driving Italia, where they showcase a fully decked out racing chair and wheel setup while playing Assetto Corsa. It certainly makes the game look like a car-ton of fun. Check it out below.

The game looks pretty good so far and I'd say it seems to have faster response timing and tighter physics than Project CARS, but it's hard to really gauge both games since we don't have as much footage of Assetto Corsa as we do Project CARS. Then again, both games are also still in alpha, so making comparisons seems moot at this point until they both make it to the beta stages.

Assetto Corsa is set for release exclusively for PC. The game is being hailed as a next-gen DX11 racer to take full advantage of high-end PCs. Surely racing enthusiasts will want to grab a copy when it becomes available. You can learn more by paying a visit to the Official Website.

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