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New screenshots surfaced for the upcoming Italian racing simulation from Italian-based developer Kunos Simulazioni. The new shots showcase the Lotus Evora in action, both in real life and in the upcoming racing title Assetto Corsa.

We haven't been covering Assetto Corsa quite as much as we should. I suppose it's been highly overshadowed by its direct competitor and rival, Project CARS, which is being designed in part with die-hard racing fans.

In all honesty, right now Slightly Mad Studios' Project CARS is looking like the more interesting project given that a lot of it includes help from the community and it feels like a much more organic and original racing simulator as opposed to the tried and true method being used for Assetto Corsa.

There's obviously nothing wrong with using traditional methods to design a game, it's just that I really, really love the idea of game developers and the game community working together on a labor of love. That's something awe-inspiring about that.

Nevertheless, Assetto Corsa is scheduled to be a complete, niche racing title for PC and will take full advantage of all the latest in visual and effect capabilities only afforded on the PC platform right now, so that's some good news.

You can check out the new screenshots for Kunos Simulazioni's upcoming racing title below or pay a visit to the game's Official Website to learn more about the game. Assetto Corsa is set for release this fall, exclusively for PC.

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