We haven't forgotten about KUNOS Simulazioni's realistic, racing simulator Assetto Corsa...okay, well maybe we did. It's a game that has kept itself under wraps for a while and seems to avoid the spotlight, so it's easy to forget the game is coming out for PCs and utilizes the latest in DX 11 graphics technology. Well, today KUNOS sent out some brand new screenshots for their upcoming simulation racing title.

Assetto Corsa has unquestionably been dwarfed in media promotion by its seemingly apparent arch-rival, Project CARS. It's hard to deny that Project CARS just comes across as a slightly more ambitious title with an extremely ebullient and dedicated community. Then again, Slightly Mad Studios took the very different and risky route of letting gamers in on the early stages of Project CARS' development and allowed the community to promote the game with screenshots and user-made trailers. This helped excel both the development process and the awareness of the game.

With Assetto Corsa, unfortunately KUNOS has the development rather close knit and the only screenshots and trailers arrive from when the company sends them out, which, in a way, actually hurts the game's affability for word-of-mouth marketing and establishing a community.

Nevertheless, if you're looking for a PC-dedicated racing game, Assetto Corsa doesn't look like a bad option. You can check out the new screenshots below or visit the Official Website to learn more about the game.

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