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The online RTS-RPG, Avalon Heroes, has taken on the life-long debate that has yet to find and answer even among the wisest sages: who would win between a pirate and a ninja? Well, given that no one seems to be able to find a real life pirate to fight a real life ninja, Avalon Heroes has taken it a step further by adding in the two heroes on the opposing sides.

The two sides, Aeonia and Orien, have each received a hero. Aeonia has the pirate Drake, while Orien has the ninja Mitsuki.

According to the press release…
With more than 40 heroes available in Avalon Heroes, there is much to learn for newcomers and veteran players alike. Users who are already quite familiar with one or more of the heroes now get to share their valuable knowledge with other players. The Hero Guide contest, held by alaplaya and the European Sports League (ESL), will run through June 6, 2010, offering lots of attractive prizes.

Of course, all this talk about pirates versus ninjas has probably put gamers in a sweaty fever to see some ninjas and pirates get it on. Well, you can do so by visiting the Official Website of Avalon Heroes to get in on the free-to-play MMO action, and truly test out which one will reign supreme…pirates or ninjas.

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