The Avengers finally came out on DVD and Blu-Ray today! “But Ryan,” I hear you saying. “This site is supposed to be about video games.” Fine! How about I tell you that Marvel is also dropping the price of its mobile game, Avengers Initiative, in celebration of said movie release? Happy now?

Avengers Initiative actually hasn’t been out very long at all. Originally released on Sept. 6, the mobile game usually goes for $6.99 due to its episodic nature. But starting today and for a limited time only, you can download it for your various iDevices for just $2.99.

As I said, Avengers Initiative is an episodic adventure game and, with only the Hulk’s smashtastic episode available at launch, I’m guessing we’ll see quite a few additional heroes making an appearance in the coming months. Judging by the game's shadowy character select screenshots, I'll also go out on a limb and say that those additional chapters will feature Captain America, Thor and Iron-Man.

The game pushes some decent mobile tech, so your device needs to be somewhat modern if you want to run it. Avengers Initiative can be played on the fifth generation iPod Touch, the iPhone 4 and 4S, the iPad 2, that slick new iPad all the kids are going on about, as well as the iPhone 5.

You can help Earth’s mightiest heroes doll out justice by downloading the game from its official iTunes page. For more info, visit the Marvel XP Fanpage on Facebook.

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