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Goldfire Studios, a developer and publisher of online games, announced that their MMORPG set in prehistoric times has now gone open-beta. The game uses a real-world currency system that actually allows gamers to earn cash in-game and cash it out in real life.

According to James Simpson, CEO of GoldFire…
“BC Wars has been in testing and development stages since June of 2008. Today it officially entered the open beta and all accounts has been reset so that everyone can start from a level playing field. BC Wars' economy is based on real world currency, which allows players the opportunity to earn money and withdraw their virtual currency for money through PayPal, Check, or Bank Transfer Studios.”

Sounds intriguing, eh? I wish there were a bit more on the game but what you see is what you get. Anyway, gamers interested in this browser-based MMORPG can check it out or learn more by visiting the Official BC Wars Website.

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