Today was supposed to be the release date for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, a remake of the popular Dungeons and Dragons PC RPG. However, Overhaul Games has decided to delay the game.

"After recently reviewing the game and then consulting with our partners, we've decided to ensure that Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition is the best possible product on launch," said Overhaul president Trent Oster on the official forums. "Thus, we have pushed back the release date of the game. Our plan is to release in November, 2012."

Oster adds that they're working on "something a little extra" for everyone who has pre-ordered. Additional details will be released at a later date.

Baldur's Gate, BioWare's first RPG, was released back in 1998. The main character was an orphan being hunted by a mysterious knight. This orphan, along with a party of companions, gradually unearths a massive conspiracy that threatens all of the Sword Coast. The game was notable for its epic storyline and strategic real-time combat.

The Enhanced Edition makes a number of improvements to the original, such as revamping the interface and improved multiplayer matchmaking. The remake also adds three new NPC companions for players to recruit. A new adventure set in the Black Pits is said to provide 6 hours of additional gameplay.

The new November launch window still means that this remake will have to compete with high-profile fall releases. It's a shame that Overhaul couldn't finish it by this summer, before the holiday rush began. They might've been able to attract more attention from people previously uninitiated with the series. Plus, it would've been a fun game to play on the beach.

BG:EE is in development for PC, Mac, Android tablets and iPad.

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