With all that talk about companies being anti-consumer, some companies are using the sour corporate news to re-evaluate how they interact and communicate with their consumers. One of these companies happens to be Barbily Games, publisher of Star Supremacy, as they aim to improve consumer relations.

Suzhou Barbily Information Technology announced that they have a brand new customer service ticket system. The idea is to improve customer service response time as well as added support for gamers who run into problems in Barbily games.

Thomas Watson, Senior Marketing and PR Manager for Barbily, mentioned that...
"We wanted to take it up a notch and improve how we communicated with our players. We hope this new ticket system will help us with that and I'm sure players will love it."

It's almost funny because this news comes short on the heels of GamersFirst announcing their own security measures to improve consumer security and support.

Barbily obviously wants to win brownie points with gamers by being forthcoming about extra security measures, which is definitely a good thing. Anytime a company is willing to go the extra mile to help consumer relations and institute pro-consumer facilities, it's definitely worth noting.

Given that some companies have been practicing some shady things lately, including disc-locked content, on-disc DLC or always-on DRM, it's nice to know that this little announcement stands as a beacon for a possible turning point in today's gaming industry.

You can learn more about the new policy for Barbily Games over at their Official Website. There is also a contest currently going on where the more likes Barbily gets the more stuff they will give away. You can find out more about their event over on their Facebook Page.

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