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Starting today, there's a new way for you to play indie action RPG Bastion. A browser-based version of Bastion is now available through the Google Chrome Web Store.

In Bastion, players awake after the Calamity, a catastrophe that has torn the world apart. The player embarks on a quest to rebuild the land. They'll wield a large selection of upgradeable weapons and fight a variety of beasts across the shattered world. All the while, a reactive narrator will comment on your progress.

You can try out the browser-based version for free. If you like what you see, you can upgrade to the full version by paying $14.99. It's the same price you'll have to pay on other platforms.

Note that the game will ask for your email address. This is needed in order to track your save files. Developer Supergiant says they won't e-mail you or disclose your information for any reason.

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