When first released in March, BattleForge was $50. About a month later, its price was dropped to $30. Now, it's free.

The "Play 4 Free" version of BattleForge (which you can get here), is said to give you access to "all community features, scenarios, the recently launched Renegade campaign and 32 of 200 trading cards." You can buy more cards by purchasing BattleForge Points (the game's currency, which you in turn buy with real money). The $30 retail version, which allows you to access all the cards and comes with 3000 BattleForge Points, will still be available.

Play 4 Free is a new business model unveiled by EA in early 2008 which focuses on generating revenue through microtransactions and in-game advertising instead of retail sales. Multiplayer shooter Battlefield Heroes, now in beta, is the other game operating under the Play 4 Free model.

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