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There aren't many MMORTS games out there just as there aren't many MMOTPS games out there. Nevertheless, Reality Gap and Game World has a game that combines two genres into one and then pits them against each other in the unique free-to-play MMO, BattleSwarm: Field of Honor. It's been described by some as a StarCraft meets Starship Troopers hybrid.

The new screenshots showcase what it’s like controlling a bug commander and sending in the troops to deconstruct the human bases and soldiers. The game’s RTS portion definitely require adjusting to if you’re not an avid real-time strategy fan, which is primarily why there’s the ability to play as the humans and either take it to the countless bug hordes in third-person or first-person combat.

You can check out the RTS screenshots for the game below or visit the Official Website to get in on the action with this free-to-play FPS vs RTS MMO.