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Gearbox Software and 2K Games released two new character profile trailers for the upcoming MOBA-style first-person shooter, Battleborn. The two characters include close-range melee characters named Attikus and Galilea. The two characters make up a small portion of the very large 25 hero roster.

The Battleborn characters were detailed over on the PlayStation blog where they rolled out information on their stats, skills and play-styles. You can check out the first trailer for Attikus below.

He's a brute and he's large. He's kind of slow to land a punch, but he can do massive damage if he hits you.

His two main attacks consist of the Barefisted Brawling, which enhances the damage of his normal attacks by charging them to do burst damage. His Charged Hook requires him to charge up his haymaker to do devastating damage in one hit.

Since he's big and slow, he has a few skills that allow him to close the distance on enemies rather quickly. He can take out foes in just a few hits but his size and slowness make him an easy target for long range characters.

Galilea is the second character spotlighted for Battleborn, and you can see her in action with the video below.

Galilea is an armored warrior – covered from head to toe in Jennerit Empire technology – and she deals out quick and devastating damage to opponents once she gets in close.

Her shield allows her deflect bows and is attached to the L2 button, while her sword allows her to pepper enemies by dishing out damage consistently. The spotlight focused on her agility in chasing down foes and hacking and slashing them to death. Majority of her skills revolve around charging her damage through kills as well as being able to throw her shield and damage enemies at a distance, not unlike Captain America.

On the PlayStation blog, the users have nothing but praise for Battleborn and the two new characters. On the YouTube page honesty reigns supreme, with a lot of users pointing out similar problems I had with the videos: the HUD is way too cluttered and even with the resolution turned up, it was almost impossible to make out what was happening on screen. Already, this will be a difficult game to promote as a spectator sport when spectators will spend a majority of their time confused.

The actual gameplay for the melee characters also seems extremely unbalanced compared to the projectile users. They didn't show it in the video, but the one thing that kept running through my mind was: if anyone keeps their distance and just peppers these two, there's nothing they can do.

It would have been nice to see how Attikus and Galilea dealt with long-range opponents. Because right now I don't actually see the benefit in using characters who aren't very effective outside of CQC scenarios.

We'll likely learn more about how well each of the characters behave as the beta approaches for Battleborn on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game kind of feels like it's already living in the shadow of Blizzard's Overwatch, so Gearbox will have to do a lot to convince gamers that it's neither a clone nor a subordinate experience.
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