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Battlefield 2142: Demo Time!

Who wants to blow stuff up with futuristic weapons? And who wants to brag about it to their friends? The folks behind the Battlefield 1942, Vietnam, and Modern series are at it again, with Battlefield 2142. It’ll have a whole slew of new weapons, machines to drive and fly, and a whole new set of tactics for gamers to enjoy. The premise is that a new ice age has destabilized the world, and left two conglomerate superpowers- the European Union (which includes North America) and the Pan Asian Coalition- to fight it out for global supremacy.

New weapons will include cloaking devices, Battle Walkers (think giant walking tanks), EMP grenades, smart mines, sentry guns, and more. This will make squad tactics for the Battlefield series radically change, and for the better. Battle Walkers might be lethal in combat, but if you can temporarily shut them down with EMP grenades, you can gain the upper hand. However, if the Battle Walker has infantry support, then you might want to have your own Battle Walker to make it a more even match. Stuff like this should drive fans nuts, and also bring a smile to their faces.

EA has the game’s demo up for download at their website Battlefield 2142 Web Page, so check it out before the game comes out for retail on October 17th. Watch the game’s trailer below: