Today DICE is sending out another patch for the PC version of Battlefield 3. This update makes a few stability and performance fixes and adds support for the upcoming Ivy Bridge hardware from Intel.

The patch addresses two specific client crashes in the game. You should no longer experience problems while spawning in vehicles in Operation Firestorm. The second set of control points in Canals Rush likewise shouldn't kill your game anymore.

Players with AMD Radeon 7xxx video cards should see a bump in performance with this update. These GPUs debuted in early 2012. Nice to see that DICE managed to get some tweaks out in relatively short order.

All in all, this is a relatively minor patch. DICE said today that they've got bigger fixes incoming, though.

"We would also like to inform the community that we have several ongoing developments with regards to balance and gameplay, performance, stability and the overall feature set that will be announced in the coming weeks," said the studio.

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