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Realistic car physics in games are usually limited to pro-sport racing titles like Forza Motorsport, F1, MotoGP and Gran Turismo. Car crashes in games are even more limited, with no other game save for Grand Theft Auto even bothering to include semi-realistic car crashes. Well, things are a-changing thanks to BeamNG and their middleware engineering antics for the CryEngine 3.

We've been reporting on updates for a physics-based soft-mod for the CryEngine, which enables vehicles to react and respond to physical crashes in a very realistic way...more real than any other game on the market. The updated video shows a number of new additions, including glass and inter-collision damage. Check it out below.

Now the obvious question is: at what point do we get to see these kind of physics in video games? Well, it all depends on a couple of things, mostly it's based on the kind of game this could be used in (most likely open-world or destruction-derby based) as well as a company deciding to license the CryEngine, or a group of spiffy indie devs deciding to use the CryEngine SDK.

Still, I love watching these videos even though the cars seem a little floaty when they spin and flip. But these kind of crash physics would sure beat all the other games currently out there.

If you want to check out more media or get in contact with BeamNG to use their soft-mod for an upcoming game, be sure to pay a visit the Official Website.

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