Webzen’s Archlordhas three playable races at the moment, and they’ll soon have a fourth. However, before the fourth race, the DragonScion, is added to the game Webzen wants to do a beta trial first and gamers who are interested in testing out the awesome looking dragon people will just need to grab a beta key.

As stated in the news alert…
Before the official blast, Webzen have prepared 2 weeks of beta key trial service. To create a DragonScion character you need a 16 digit serial Beta Key. Visit Archlord partner website to receive the limited DragonScion beta key

All right, so if you want that 16 digit serial beta key, you’ll have to follow a few steps: visit any of the Archlord partners. You’ll find them located at the Official Website. Next up, grab a beta trial key and then head into the game. From today (December 1st) up until December 15th, 2010, beta testers can try out the DragonScion race before anyone else, giving feedback and support on how the race works.

You can learn more about becoming a beta tester by visiting the Official Archlord Website.

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