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Champions Online design director Bill Roper gave a State of the Game address to players today. He outlined some of the future content on the way and also teased a big announcement.

"We’re working on 'Flashbacks' that will let you replay missions you’ve previously completed but want to try again," said Roper. "There is a new repeatable Lair in the works that will feature some very special villains, as well as one that will shake you to the core of your reality. We’re also making passes on the powers right now, focusing on like-types of powers (Offensive Passives, Travel Powers, etc.) and will be rolling out balance changes in the weeks to come."

"We’re also starting work on our Winter Event that will roll out in December. And then there’s the very big surprise we have in store for early 2010…"

Cryptic has said in the past that they wanted to have a major content update every three months. Presumably this surprise would be one of those.