BioShock Real-Life Photoshoot Featuring Big Daddy And Little Sister

Volpin Props recently released some new wallpapers from a photoshoot involving a Big Daddy and Little Sister from 2K Games' BioShock. That probably doesn’t seem all that important unless you take into account that it involved real life props and people.

The story behind the shoot involved Volpin contacting the Georga Aquarium for permission to snap a few photos there.

According to the Volpin Props website...

This was a colossal effort, and just like the original display of the piece, several hands went into making it happen. Much thanks to my friend Kim and Jay for getting up at 5am to come with us and be our handlers, to the Georgia Aquarium staff for this amazing opportunity, and to Matt Nicholson (and his fiancée!) of Dim Horizon Studio for doing such fantastic photography and editing.

There’s a collection of the photos up at the site that look astonishing. You can check them out by visiting the Official Volpin Props Website.

Also, the Big Daddy prop is up for sale via eBay. I’m sure die-hard BioShock fans might want that sitting in the corner of their living room to scare the crap out of guests.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.