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A lot of times games have developer documentaries that go behind the scenes with studios working on big games and we see the brand-name voice actors talking about the experience and how great they are at acting with their voice. In this behind-the-scenes tour of the studios that make the voice acting possible, we get to see more of the technical side of things and just how much work goes into making characters speak in games.

There are a number of subsidiary studios involved with the making of Black Prophecy. While Reakktor works on the main game, there are other studios that work specifically with getting the voices done and done right. Periscope and T-Recs Studios both helped Reakktor bring the cinematics and voice acting to life with their sound editing and production tools. I just think it’s funny when the tour through Periscope’s studios actually looks more like a submarine prison in a back alley.

You can check out the new developer documentary below or head on over to the Official Website to sign up for the beta.

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