Gamigo and Reakktor Media announced that Episode 3: Rise of the Boid has been released for the free-to-play, new-generation space simulator, Black Prophecy. In addition to new quests, content and zones, the team has also implemented PvE raids and additional player level-caps.

Black Prophecy is one of the best space sims released in a long time, and the game has graphics to die for. Even if you don't have a hefty rig the game runs moderately well on low-end machines, too.

The new expansion pack, Rise of the Boid, is about the rise of a robotic race who has been waiting eons to strike but only during a galactic event large enough for them to make their move. In addition to the new story missions, the expansion includes large-scale group raids where players will have to work together to take down massive fleets and carrier ships in what's being called the most complex missions in the game to date.

You can check out Black Prophecy for free...yes for free. The triple-A MMO is being hosted by Gamigo and you can grab the latest expansion pack right now after installing the client. If you need further information on the game feel free to drop by the Official Facebook Page.

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