If you didn't already know, EA's mobile division has been a strong focus for the company as of late. They've poured a lot of resources into mobile gaming and it's been seen as somewhat of a wise investment from shareholders given the boon of the smartphone and tablet market. EA has also partnered with several companies to get the most out of their mobile division, including releasing games like SimCity Deluxe and Plants Vs Zombies for the latest Blackberry Z10 and Blackberry Q10.

Blackberry and EA sent out word that several of EA's top mobile titles are and will be available on current and upcoming Blackberry devices. During the Blackberry Live conference, EA made it known that SimCity Deluxe and Plants Vs Zombies is available for the Blackberry Z10, and that they have The Game of Life and Yahtzee Adventures primed for the Blackberry Q10.

To be honest, I'm glad Electronic Arts is focusing more on their mobile output than their core market output. Fewer core games means fewer reasons to get up in arms over something anti-consumer. Also, it means fewer franchises to see get buried, over-marketed or laced with the infuriating DRM measures.

If EA puts a little more time and effort into their mobile division, then it gives us core gamers a little room to breathe, since core gamers don't care about games on phones and tablets. So let's hope to see more mobile titles and fewer big launches from EA, just as they outlined in their quarterlies, and I think that might make everyone happy: Core gamers don't have to rage and EA gets lots of money from uninformed casual gamers rocking mobile phones and tablets. Everyone wins.

You can learn more by paying a visit to their official website.

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