Perfect World is set to kick off a month-long competition for Blacklight: Retribution and we hope your trigger fingers are good and ready, because playing will make you eligible in the daily drawing for $1,000 in the “30 Days of Fight” event.

Yes, you read that right. Perfect World is giving away $1,000 each and every day for a solid month to one lucky Blacklight player. Well, make that 30 lucky players, unless someone wins more than once, in which case they will have officially upgraded to “extremely lucky player.”

The basic rules couldn’t be simpler: Jump into the free-to-play first-person shooter, Blacklight: Retribution. Completing a match will earn you one ticket and winning a match will earn you two tickets to go into the drawing. At the end of each day, one player will be selected at random to win $1,000.

The developers/publishers are so excited about the event, they even gave it its own trailer.

Want more excitement? Then here’s Product Manager Clifton Chu:

“We can’t wait to see the competition heat up once we start upping the stakes with a grand prize of $1,000 on the line every day for 30 days,” Chu said. “Following the recent launch of Blacklight: Retribution on Steam, we think the 30 Days of Fight will be an amazing and fun challenge to players. Everyone better get ready to skip work and start training right now.”

For all of the additional rules and details or to sign up for this f2p shooter, visit the Blacklight website..

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