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Blackwell, Free-To-Play Horror Survival Game Comes To Unity

It's rare that we actually get a true horror-survival game...and by that I don't mean being put in the shoes of a military vet who haphazardly finds a double-barrel shotgun and a few shells on a nightstand in a creepy old house so he can blast some walking demons back to hell. No, I'm talking about horror-survival where you play as an average person in a bad situation where there are horrors about and you have to use wits to survive.

Blackwell is a free-to-play student project that doesn't look like a student project at all. It runs on the Unity Engine and puts players in the role of an undercover journalist who has been drugged and desperately trying to get out of a women's insane asylum.

Claudia Stræde, the game's creator and director stated that...

"Blackwell was inspired by the story of Nellie Bly, a journalist who faked menthal insanity to report the brutalities of the Women's Lunatic Asylum on Blackwell's Island, in year 1887"..." Her story is absolutely admirable.” ... “I think it requires a game! I consider this a tribute to her and all the innocent women behind bars in that era.”

Players will have to avoid patrolling hall guards and security while under the intoxication of drugs that has induced paranoia, dizziness and tunnel vision. Players will have to sneak around using basic key controls including the ability to peek around corners to see if it's safe. The game itself seems to hearken back to the era of the original Alone in the Dark, where atmosphere and visual angles played a big part in presenting gamers with a different kind of horror. There's also a hint of BioShock in there with the themed decor and period-piece art-style...I'm digging it.

Gamers interested in playing the new horror-survival title can do so right now via the Unity web browser. To learn more check out the debut trailer below or pay a visit to the Official Website.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.