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Bliss Lands On Steam Greenlight, Features Happy And Depressing Gameplay

A game that tramples on the themes of mood swings with visual cues and an undeniably courageous graphic aesthetic is Bliss. The indie title puts players in control of a little black thing with a white mask, venturing through blissfully abstract environments that can just as easily turn into depressingly dire situations.

The game's general direction is being compared a lot to Braid, while its visual themes are drawing a lot of comparisons to Limbo. The biggest difference is that Bliss focuses quite a bit on the actual story, which isn't really explained in its entirety in the trailer below.

There is some really interesting mechanics going on there, especially with using the mouse as part of the platforming mechanics.

Designer Markus Oljemark's blissful platformer is set for release in 2013. He's looking for a little support on Steam's Greenlight to help get a headstart on gaining recognition and a little bit of community support when it's time for the game to launch.

There's also some more good news when it comes to platform availability, as Bliss will launch with compatibility for Linux, Mac and PCs all for only €5. That's pretty good, eh? You can learn more by visiting the Official Greenlight Page.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.