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Blitzkrieg 2 Fall of the Reich Expansion On Its Way

The first official expansion pack for the RTS PC game, Blitzkreig 2, will be heading towards retailer shelves on January 15th. Of course, since most gamers can’t wait two weeks for the release of the expansion there’s some pretty new screenshots for gamers to oogle over while they wait.

Expanding on the established Blitzkrieg 2 by CDV, the Fall of Reich will take gamers into the midst of the battle. Facing off in the World War II battlefields of the Eastern front, Fall of Reich will reenact three massive encounters that will take gamers through the “Siege of Budapest”, “Fortress Kurland”, and the Soviet’s “Operation Bagration”. And according to the press release, “ Fans of the original Blitzkrieg will also enjoy the thorough challenge presented in Fall of the Reich, with mission and campaign design that provide success only to those armchair generals that employ realistic tactics and strategies, managing scarce wartime resources effectively.”

You can check out the screenshots below. Enjoy.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.