Halloween is almost upon us and Blizzard wants to test gamers' artistic skills. They're hosting another contest to see who among you can make the best pumpkin carving inspired by a Blizzard game.

To enter, send in a picture of a pumpkin carving based on the StarCraft, WarCraft or Diablo universes. Blizzard notes that taking a high-quality photo will help your chances. Also try to include an informative caption with your entry, just so they know what it's supposed to be. If you need to explain what it is, though, you probably lost already.

Also, make sure your pumpkin carving is goddamn outstanding. The winning entries from last year are absurd. Here are a few examples:

The winning entries must be received by October 29th. The ten winners will be crowned shortly afterward. Each winner will receive a Collector's Edition of World of Warcraft Monopoly.

To read more of the contest's fine print or submit your entry, head to the contest's website.

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