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Players can currently get access to Heroes of the Storm's closed beta by purchasing a Founder's Pack. Later this week, though, Blizzard will stop selling the bundle.

"We’re currently planning to disable Battle Bundle and Founder’s Pack purchases on Tuesday, April 7, but we’ll be sure to post another reminder before that happens," Blizzard announced this weekend. "It’s also important to note that players who already own Founder’s Pack will be unaffected by this change; we will simply be removing the ability for new players to purchase this item."

The Founder's Pack, priced at $40, includes the following in-game content:
  • Heroes: Raynor, Diablo, and Tyrande
  • Skins: Commander Raynor, Lurkablo Diablo, and Blood Elf Tyrande
  • Mount: Golden Cyber Wolf
  • 2,500 in-game gold to help unlock additional Heroes and other content
  • Immediate access to Heroes of the Storm, beginning with the closed beta test
Heroes of the Storm's Battle Bundle is essentially the same except without the beta key. Both packages are the only way in the game to get the Golden Cyber Wolf mount.

The reason that Blizzard plans to stop selling the Founder's Packs is that there's plenty of free ways to get into the closed beta now.

"Heroes of the Storm is now well into its Closed Beta testing phase, and many new players are entering the Nexus each week through Beta Opt-Ins, Invite Your Friends emails, and a variety of key giveaways. Now that we have more ways to obtain beta access than ever before, we’re going to be disabling the ability to purchase the Founder’s Pack and Battle Bundle."

There's another unsaid reason: the open beta. Blizzard wants to stop selling Founder's Packs well before they start letting everyone into the beta. They don't want scores of outraged customers who paid $40 to get into the beta a day or week before beta access became free to all.

The Founder's Pack has been on sale for two months. Even at the start, I didn't think it was a worthwhile purchase. The heroes and cosmetic items you're getting aren't all that great. Even if they were good items, they're potentially worthless to you if you end up not liking Heroes of the Storm - which is very possible because it's a polarizing game. If you're leery about risking $40 on a game you could hate, just wait until the open test or until you're lucky enough to get a closed beta key.

The upside to being patient, besides saving money, is that you'll be playing a more complete game. Blizzard has been continually adding new Heroes and Battlegrounds to the game since the initial alpha test.

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