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Just because Halloween is over doesn’t mean gamers can’t still scare up a good time on the go. Square Enix, for instance, is offering up its vampire-infused mobile RPG, Bloodmasque, free of charge for the next week. That’s one deal that doesn’t suck, and I’d stake my life on it.

You’ll have to forgive me for all of those vampire puns in the opening paragraph. I’m ashamed of myself. I guess I’m just Vlad I ended it there and didn’t let the silliness continue any further.

But seriously, Square Enix is giving away a free mobile game, folks. Apparently in celebration of the release of the iPad Air, according to the official announcement, Bloodmasque can be yours free of charge through next Thursday, Nov. 7. The offer is only available for iDevices, and the promotion runs through the appropriate hour of midnight on the 7th.

Bloodmasque is an action RPG that lets players take a photo of themselves and plug it directly into the game. If you can deal with that sort of creepy uncanny valley, then what you’ll discover is an epic story involving vampires and the chosen warriors who fight them, and loads of fast-paced battles with the creatures of the night.

Bloodmasque is a unique action-RPG, set in an alternative version of 19th Century Paris,” reads a statement from the publisher. “Players take on the role of a Vampire Hunter from a cursed bloodline and who fights back against the lords of the night in a world where humanity is ruled from the shadows.”

Those who grab the game free of charge in the next week will be doing so just in time to enjoy the new Hunter Rankings feature that’s being added to the game, allowing players to compete against one another every weekend in special quests. The highest scoring players will be rewarded with in-game items, giving everyone plenty of reasons to keep coming back for more.

To sink your teeth in, head on over to iTunes and download Bloodmasque for zero dollars between now and next Thursday.

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