E3 is fast approaching and not every company has turned in their E3 2011 line-up press sheet. No worries, though, I’m sure there will be late comers to the affair but in the meantime those who know how to get things done in a timely fashion have already begun to do so. Bohemia Interactive announced today that they will be attending E3 and have a complete line-up of titles that they will be showcasing at the biggest gaming event of the year in North America.

Michal Harangozo, Marketing and PR lead at Bohemia Interactive commented in the press release about the games that will be on showcase, saying…
“We’re so excited to be attending E3 as a company and this year marks our biggest presence to date. We’re proud to showcase our strong lineup of PC exclusive titles,”. “This is a great opportunity to reach PC gamers the world over and show them what we have planned for the coming months.”

One of the games was already let loose to the gaming public and it’s featured on this site…Arma 3. The second game had unprecedented realism for a PC military shooter and I’m excited to see how the third game will advance on what the second game brought to the table. Other games that Bohemia has lined up includes Take On Helicopters and the sci-fi adventure title, Carrier Command: Gaia Mission.

You can check out the complete list of games Bohemia has lined up for E3 2011 below. For more info about the company feel free to learn more by visiting the Official Website.

Bohemia Interactive E3 Line-Up

Arma 3 - the latest installment in the successful tactical mil-sim series, Arma, combines the strength of its predecessors with radical engine improvements. Arma 3 will provide players with a unique experience of sandbox-oriented combat gameplay set in the most detailed and vast environment of the series. Players will fight through a story-oriented campaign by taking control of a multitude of aircraft, vehicles and ships; shooting anything from pistols to sophisticated weaponry.

Carrier Command: Gaea Mission - The ground-breaking 80’s classic is back in this highly-anticipated next generation experience. Players will be treated to an immersive journey with an engaging story in the vast, free-roaming environment that spans 33 unique islands in 6 different climatic areas. Players will battle over air, land and sea in this exciting combination of the 1st and 3rd person action genre with strategic elements where the exploration and mastering of tactics is key and the thrill of a successful fight will spur the player onward to a victorious experience like no other.

Take On Helicopters - The upcoming all-new helicopter game is built on 10 years of experience with the development of complex military simulators. Immersing players in beautifully rich landscapes and an authentic helicopter experience, players will prove their flight skills in exciting challenges while mastering authentic roto-wing flight dynamics and creating their own missions.

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