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2K Games has officially announced Borderlands Legends, the mobile debut of the shooter series. They've sent out the first screenshots and revealed its release date: October 31st.

Legends, first outed by an advertisement in a strategy guide, is an isometric shooter rather than an FPS. Players will control the hero characters from the first Borderlands. The enemies - skags, bandits and Crimson Lance - all seem to be from the first game as well.

However, players won't just control one character. They command all four simultaneously. Not sure how that'll work, controls wise. However, it should add an extra layer of strategy to the experience as you coordinate your team's different abilities to turn the battle.

Popwatch reports that the game will offer players randomized missions. There's no level cap for characters and enemies will get progressively harder to keep you challenged. The game will also throw the occasional boss fight at you. Your characters will gain new abilities as they level up, and you can outfit them with new gears bought through a vendor.

Thus far 2K has only announced an iOS release. The iPhone version of Legends will cost $4.99, while the iPad edition is $6.99.