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Rock Hippo’s latest free-to-play game, Brawl Busters, has finally made it to the open-beta checkpoint, enabling gamers to experience some fast-and-furious, hard-hitting, multiplayer online action with a cast of wacky characters at the helm.

Howard He, President and CEO of Rock Hippo Productions kept his comments brief, simply saying…"We are excited to officially open the Brawl Busters experience up to everyone," ... "We hope our fans will love the new updates, and all that's in store for this next exciting phase."

Closed beta participants who helped find bugs, scope out glitches and generally help the team put the game in a playable order for the public has received some special character gifts, including a medallion that signifies that that character is an Original Buster. And that’s not the “buster” that Ryder from GTA: SA kept calling CJ…no, I’m pretty sure they mean the “bust e’m up” kind of Buster and not the “weak little punk-buster” kind of Buster.

Basically, Brawl Busters is a unique kind of online fighting game that sees players fighting in multiple arenas using a nice cache of weapons and gadgets to thwart other players in either free-for-fall or team-based modes, including the new “Rumble Factory” mode sees the stage filling up with lava. Sounds like something right out of Super Smash Bros..

The game is currently available and free-to-play for anyone willing to give the game a try. You can learn more or sign-up to participate in the open-beta by heading on over to the Official Website.