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Tired of boring normal golf? Would you prefer to swing away at a golf ball in a room filled to bursting with priceless heirlooms? Well, that’s exactly the experience you’ll get out of Dangerous Golf, arriving later this year.

When Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry got together to help build Three Fields Entertainment, we figured that the former Burnout masterminds would be cooking up something, shall we say, explosive. After all, this is the team that took racing and basically made it into an extreme sport.

Well, it looks like they’re working that same kind of magic for a completely different sport, as the team unveils the first info about their next title, Dangerous Golf. Some screenshots and details for the game were released earlier today, including a message from Sperry over on the PlayStation Blog.

Due out on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC sometime this fall, Explosive Golf basically lets players unload all of their frustrations on the world through the typically not-so-violent game of golf. Along with the teams past working on Burnout, Sperry also mentions their history with the over-the-top shooter Black and, more recently, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. In other words, they’re quite familiar with what makes blowing $#*! Up a lot of fun, and they think they’ve figured out a way to inject it into one of least explosive sports of all.

According to Sperry, the team wanted to make their first indie game a “wild, physics-powered experience” with a focus on “fast, fun and spectacular arcade-style games.”

Sperry said that the team drew inspiration from all of their previous projects, as well as the ball-on-fire insanity of a game like NBA JAM.

Rather than worrying about how many strokes it takes you to get the ball into the hole, Dangerous Golf is all about racking up big points on the way to said hole, which you earn by shooting your ball into all sorts of objects. Environments shown off so far include a large mansion, a massive kitchen and a huge bathroom. Break enough stuff and your ball will catch on fire, causing even more damage than before. In the end, your goal is to create the most devastating trick-shot while sinking the ball.

Rather than tackle courses, you’ll have more than 100 unique holes to challenge your golfing skills. We’re guessing that leaderboards and multiplayer trick shot challenges are in the cards, too.

The game looks great from the images we’ve seen, and it’s powered by Unreal Engine 4, so you know the physics and destruction are going to be on point. It all kind of reminds me of a less cartoony version of Pain, another game that was basically a fantastic excuse to just blow stuff up and watch the world crumble.

Look for Dangerous Golf this fall.
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