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Dovogame announced that a new server has opened for Business Tycoon Online called "Fort Knox" and as the name suggests, it’s all about playing in the money. Funnily enough one of the quotes in the press release states that…”Fort Knox is opening its gate to all those who will never feel tired of wealth, position, power and business.”

Yeah, because greed is the one thing we just don’t exercise enough in today’s society. According to the press release…
“…thanks for players ' consistent supports and enthusiasm, DOVOGAME decides to keep the main 7 activities on as a way for players to get their start-up funds. All players that settle on "Fort Knox" will probably get VIP Card (30 days), Company Upgrade Package and up to 1,000 Gold. Stop hesitating! Rush to show your talents!”

The Fort Knox server is currently open for gamers to experience. And anyone who is remotely interested in the seven main activities for the new server can check them out by visiting the Official Website.

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