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Android users can now spend their bus rides slaying the undead with friends. Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies, based on the co-op zombies mode from Call of Duty: Black Ops, is now available on select Android devices.

Zombies will be exclusively available on Sony's Xperia smartphones for 30 days. This includes the Xperia Play as well as the Xperia S and Xperia Ion. This isn't the first time Sony has secured timed exclusivity for a big mobile game; Minecraft Pocket Edition was available on Xperia devices first. Sony's trying to position their smartphones as "the gamer's smartphones", I suppose.

In Zombies, players must fend off wave of zombies. They can do so alone or with up to three friends via Wi-Fi. The action takes place across three maps Kino Der Toten, Ascension, and Call of the Dead: Director's Cut. Also included is a top-down, retro-style shooter called Dead Ops Arcade.

By killing zombies, players earn CoD points to purchase new weapons, revive, and more. You can also spend real-world money to purchase bundles of these points. These purchased points will only be used if you run out of earned points, though.

Zombies costs $6.99 to download. For additional details, head to its Google Play listing.

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