According to a recent Wikipedia entry, the new Dirty Harry game, which was actually supposed to feature the voices of Clint, Every Which Way But Loose, Eastwood and also Lawrence Fishburn and Gene Hackman, has officially been cancelled. Stating “trouble” to be the main problem over at The Collective, which was the company making the game, Warner Bros. is intent on still releasing it with another publisher at a much later date (so say goodbye to the PS3 and 360 2007 release, Bucko).

The story was set to take place between Dirty Harry and Magnum Force, and if you’re total virgin to the whole Callahan collection, that’s the first and second movies respectively. Little else is known about the game other than that it was supposed to be an action-packed romp, with [literally] take no prisoners game play scheme.

To be completely honest with you, though, I’m actually a little upset that this game is not coming out. While I don’t play movie-based games because they’ do you say? Ah, I got it...crap. I thought this might have actually been a good one, what with the voice talent that was attached to it and what not. I mean, Clint Eastwood? That man’s a two time OSCAR winner for Peter’s sake, so he definitely didn’t need to do it for the money.

But maybe it’s actually a good thing it DIDN’T come out, though. Reservoir Dogs, Scarface, Godfather (which, I didn’t play but was actually told it was pretty decent Editor's Note: And it was), are all golden oldies that got the video game treatment and look how THEY turned out (and let’s not even mention E.T. for the 2600). Maybe it’s best if Harry stays away from our consoles. Unless, of course, it’s on a Blue Ray disc for the PS3.

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