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Valve has greenlit 25 more games today for the loyal users of Steam. The community voted, the gaming media responded and Valve listened. Some of the 25 games greenlit include some truly noteworthy titles, including upcoming games that were successfully crowd-funded and have Wii U ports in the works, such as Monochroma and the DirectX 11 platformer, Candle.

As noted on the official Steam Community announcement thread...
With this batch coming just three weeks after our last batch of 100, we continue to add games to Steam at an increased pace. Make sure to stop back often to vote; the lineup continues to change quickly and new submissions are posted daily.

Previously Valve greenlit 100 games during their one-year anniversary celebration of Steam Greenlight, where Gabe Newell was also kind enough to answer some pressing community questions related to Greenlight.

The service has some hiccups but Valve is intent on better iterating it so that it works as a great middle-ground for big, small and medium developers without a publisher to get their game on to the Steam store. Using players as a mediator to gauge a game before anyone starts putting money down for it is also a much safer way than letting some potential scammers try to pilfer funds with a promising looking but fake game. As it stands, you actually have to put in your effort to see your game make it through the Greenlight process.

Those who were honored with being greenlit includes the aforementioned Candle, Monochroma and the very avant garde shooter, Superhot, are some other well regarded titles that are worth checking out as well, including Bugbear's next racing title, which is rumored to be using next-gen soft body physics, Camtasia a video recording software application, Dusty Revenge, Dwarfcorp, Gimbal, Grimm, Higurashi When They Cry, Humans Must Answer, Lacuna Passage, Long Live the Queen, Mount Your Friends, Postmortem, Seacraft, Syder Arcade, The Hunter, U55, Valdis Story, World of Diving, WWII Online and Zombie Tycoon II.

The one entry that might be somewhat surprising is the recently announced Eden Star, which seems to have avoided the long waiting line unlike some of its other indie-brethren. I do have to admit that Eden Star looks good and there are some strong sleeper-hit metachlorines floating around in the guts of the game, especially given its mix of gritty Unreal Engine visuals with emergent gameplay found in titles like Rust and Minecraft.

Oh yeah, and Mount Your Friends features all the physics-based wiggling, jiggling, bouncing, bubbling, schlong-swinging action you could possibly ask for. Female gamers looking for something featuring a lot of man-junk waggling similar to Dead or Alive and their whole boob-physics thing... well... there you go.

You can check out the complete list of games over on Steam. I'm hoping that some other off-the-cuff games like Detective Case and Clown Bot as well as Neverending Nightmares will get some of the attention they need to get through the Greenlight process.

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