If you're the kind of PC gamer who only buys games from a trusted source, such as Valve's Steam platform or CD Projekt's Good Old Games, then there's good news for those of you who were considering buying Bohemia Interactive's action-laced strategy game, Carrier Command: Gaea Mission, which is now available for PC via Steam.

Now, if you're a pro-consumer purist you're probably going to want to hold off on buying anything from Steam until Valve and the vzbv gets their stuff sorted. However, if the pressure of a new game has gripped you by the facilities of your intestinal fortitude, then you can let the impulse of experiencing the new hotness in gaming take over and pick up Carrier Command right now for the digital-only price of $49.99.

I like the combination of strategy-based unit warfare and real-time, simulated combat. It really adds a nice bit of flair to the overall gameplay experience. It also reminds me a little bit of Reto-Moto's recent Heroes & Generals, which operates on a similar basis.

If you're looking for a sci-fi strategy game with a light coating of action on top, Carrier Command may not be a bad way to go. However, if you really value your dollar you should scope out a few trustworthy reviews of the game first, before plunging $50 down onto a game that could be a potential winner or a stinker.

The game is available right now for PC via digital download and plans to release next Tuesday on October 2nd for Xbox 360 in North America. Need more info? Visit the Official Website or on the official Steam Page.

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