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While some people are holding out hope that Electronic Arts and Starbreeze Studios’ upcoming Syndicate remake might be good, the fact remains that everything about the game reeks of yet another Call of Duty cash-in. Paradox Interactive is doing something that actually brightened up the day for fans of the original strategy-oriented, squad-based, cyber-noir action game by announcing a game that actually embodies all the classic features from Syndicate, just with a new-school brush over.

In an interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Paradox Interactive revealed that they’re working on a game called Cartel, and it’s basically a real-time strategy, squad-based, micromanagement, diplomacy, action game, designed in the same vein as the old Syndicate.

Shams Jorjani from Paradox Interactive made a very poignant observation about the industry, basically summing up with just about every level-headed gamer has been saying for the past few years, stating…
We are now in a place where there are many classical PC games that now have people doing remakes and new takes on them. One of these is Syndicate, which is being developed at Starbreeze. It was the worst kept secret in the Swedish games industry! But now it’s out there, and we were very interested in the reaction to it. Meanwhile we were kicking around a lot of ideas for what kinds of cool games we’d like to see made because nobody else is making them anymore.
During this time there was someone over at 2K who said you could not make turn-based games anymore, that the new X-Com had to be a shooter because you can’t do turn-based games anymore. Now, we have tremendous respect for the Starbreeze guys, they make great games, but the announcement sparked a discussion about “what is in a name”. What makes a Syndicate game? The world? The gameplay? The platform? The name? What is it? Cartel was born out of this discussion.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. It’s not even like half of these remakes are even fun shooter games, they’re just by-the-books on-rails, run-and-gun titles that run out of gas a few hours in. I’m really looking forward to Paradox Interactive’s take on the Cartel because it’s the kind of game a lot of gamers have been looking forward to but just haven’t been receiving due to the influx of FPS over-saturation.

The Cartel’s setting takes place in the future, where global cartels are battling it out for supremacy. Much like the original Syndicate and X-Com, the game will be a two-fold strategy title giving players control over the diplomacy, research and management of their cartel, and then there’s the combat phase that takes place in real-time with squad-based management. There's also upgrades, equipment management and dynamic mission parameters so the game changes as you play it. That alone sounds like the kind of game I’ve been waiting to play for the past decade and I’m sure many other gamers out there feel the same way.

Right now Paradox is ironing out the formula but they expect the game to be ready to ship in another 18 months. You can read the very insightful interview over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun.
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