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Harvester Games' underrated gem The Cat Lady has made its way to the Greenlight section on Steam. Long ago and far away we wrote about the debut of this game here at Gaming Blend, but now the developers are looking to take public exposure to the next level by introducing this gory horror game to Steam's masses.

The game is about a mentally disturbed and lonely middle-aged woman named Susan Ashworth, known around the neighborhood as “The Cat Lady” because of her love for cats. One day she runs afoul of five psychopathic and deranged individuals known as “The Parasites”. These sick individuals set out to harm Susan in the worst ways imaginable, so she sets out to harm them first. Badass, right?

Finally, a game with balls where you don't play a guy.

I love that Harvester and Screen 7 have held nothing back with this game. Originally, the debut trailer really set the mood for the game as this grunge, monochromatic thriller-noir tale, which looks pretty wicked.

The game has a strong semblance to the first two Silent Hill games as well as a dirty tinge to its dark atmosphere that makes it look as if it could be as psychologically disturbed as Hotline Miami.

If you're looking for a game that doesn't hold anything back and feeds a hard-lined creative edge to the adventure game genre, you'll probably want to give The Cat Lady an upvote or two. Props to Havervester and Screen 7 for at least taking the risks.

You can learn more by visiting the official Greenlight page.