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Fans of the Golden Era of video gaming will definitely dig this title. Designed by a small professional team going by the name of Ekuator Games, As showcased in the video above, the team definitely knows their stuff and the prototype for their JRPG seems to be coming along quite nicely.

Celestian Tales features six playable characters with a story that spans the likes of 30 years. It appears to take certain JRPG tropes and looks to turn them on their head by challenging the archetypes with unique story scenarios and character progression (or at least, that's what we can hope for, based on how the developers want to approach the story).

The game tries to go for a low-fantasy approach, expelling the typical story arc that involves a bad dude trying to become an invincible god or an immortal being, and instead follows the characters as they fight against an establishment centered around real struggles and hardships that shape and form the foundations of their lives. How all of this will play out seems like an intriguing affair and could be enough to set it apart from all the other coming-of-age JRPGs out there.

The game revels in 16-bit aesthetics, similar to other recent games like Crystal Kingdom and Anodyne, sports more than 20 hours of gameplay per character, and uses the dynamic random encounter system so that old-school players who enjoy level grinding can do so.

We didn't get to see much of the combat system in the video above, but the team will surely want to show off more of it as they move further into their Kickstarter. For now, it's the standard turn-based mechanic made popular in a lot of earlier Square titles on the NES and SNES, and allows players to pick attack formations, skills and defensive properties from an easy-to-use menu.

I'm hoping that there's an active battle time option, so that players who enjoy a strategic challenge can get the most out of the game.

Also, Ekuator is pushing for a DRM-free version of the game and hopes to get it released on the PC, Mac and for Linux systems. This means that if you want a true 1:1 Golden Age experience from the 16-bit era, all you have to do is purchase it from some place like Good Old Games and it's like your gaming in 1994 all over again.

You can head on over to the official Kickstarter page right now to learn more about the game, or you can pledge some funds to help Celestian Tales hit their $40,000 mark. You can also check out some of the screen caps from the prototype build below.

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